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Previous maintainers

John Levon
Project founder.
Philippe Elie
Endless features and bugfixes.
Maynard Johnson
Development of operf and ocount.

Current maintainers

Will Cohen
Lead maintainer
Suravee Suthikulpanit
AMD/x86 support
Will Deacon
ARM support
Gilles Allard
GUI support
Daniel Hansel
JIT support
Robert Richter
Kernel driver maintainer


Dave Jones
Athlon/Duron port, AMD64 port, various bug fixes.
Bob Montgomery
RTC mode initial support, IA/64 initial port, various bug fixes.
Will Cohen
Various bug fixes and clean ups, IA/64 port maintainer.
Graydon Hoare
Pentium 4 support, AMD64, bug fixes and clean ups.
Falk Hueffner
Alpha user-space support.
Zwane Mwaikambo
NMI timer interrupt support on x86, ARM support.
Richard Purdie
ARM callgraph support, busybox support.
Ralf Baechle
MIPS support.
Sander Bos
Review and corrections to the OProfile webpages.

Other contributors are listed in the ChangeLog in the release package, and in the acknowledgements.


Very generously leant SMP Itanium and x86 boxes for testing purposes.
Don't speculate - benchmark. - Dan Bernstein