5. System requirements

Linux kernel

Release 2.6.31 or higher

Supported architectures

AMD, ARM, Intel, PowerPC, Tile, MIPS

Required libraries

These libraries are required : popt, bfd, liberty (debian users: libiberty is provided in binutils-dev package), dl, plus the standard C++ libraries.

Required kernel headers

Either the kernel-headers package must be installed or use the --with-kernel configure option.

Required user account

For secure processing of sample data from JIT virtual machines (e.g., Java), the special user account "oprofile" must exist on the system. The 'configure' and 'make install' operations will print warning messages if this account is not found. If you intend to profile JITed code, you must create a group account named 'oprofile' and then create the 'oprofile' user account, setting the default group to 'oprofile'. A runtime error message is printed to the oprofile log when processing JIT samples if this special user account cannot be found.


Probably not too strenuous a requirement, but older A.OUT binaries/libraries are not supported.

K&R coding style

OK, so it's not really a requirement, but I wish it was...