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Alpha EV4 events

This is a list of Alpha EV4 CPU's performance counter event types. Please see alpha architecture reference

NameDescriptionCounters usableUnit mask options
ISSUES Total issues divided by 2 0
PIPELINE_DRY Nothing issued, no valid I-stream data 0
LOAD_INSNS All load instructions 0
PIPELINE_FROZEN Nothing issued, resource conflict 0
BRANCH_INSNS All branches (conditional, unconditional, jsr, hw_rei) 0
CYCLES Total cycles 0
PAL_MODE Cycles while in PALcode environment 0
NON_ISSUES Total nonissues divided by 2 0
DCACHE_MISSES Total D-cache misses 0
ICACHE_MISSES Total I-cache misses 0
DUAL_ISSUE_CYCLES Cycles of dual issue 0
BRANCH_MISPREDICTS Branch mispredicts (conditional, jsr, hw_rei) 0
FP_INSNS FP operate instructions (not br, load, store) 0
INTEGER_OPERATE Integer operate instructions 0
STORE_INSNS Store instructions 0
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