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Alpha EV5 events

This is a list of Alpha EV5 CPU's performance counter event types. Please see alpha architecture reference

NameDescriptionCounters usableUnit mask options
CYCLES Total cycles 0, 2
ISSUES Total issues 0
NON_ISSUE_CYCLES Nothing issued, pipeline frozen 1
SPLIT_ISSUE_CYCLES Some but not all issuable instructions issued 1
PIPELINE_DRY Nothing issued, pipeline dry 1
REPLAY_TRAP Replay traps (ldu, wb/maf, litmus test) 1
SINGLE_ISSUE_CYCLES Single issue cycles 1
DUAL_ISSUE_CYCLES Dual issue cycles 1
TRIPLE_ISSUE_CYCLES Triple issue cycles 1
QUAD_ISSUE_CYCLES Quad issue cycles 1
FLOW_CHANGE Flow change (meaning depends on counter 2) 1
INTEGER_OPERATE Integer operate instructions 1
FP_INSNS FP operate instructions (not br, load, store) 1
LOAD_INSNS Load instructions 1
STORE_INSNS Store instructions 1
ICACHE_ACCESS Instruction cache access 1
DCACHE_ACCESS Data cache access all
LONG_STALLS Stalls longer than 15 cycles 2
PC_MISPR PC mispredicts 2
BRANCH_MISPREDICTS Branch mispredicts 2
ICACHE_MISSES Instruction cache misses 2
ITB_MISS Instruction TLB miss 2
DCACHE_MISSES Data cache misses 2
DTB_MISS Data TLB miss 2
LOADS_MERGED Loads merged in MAF 2
LDU_REPLAYS LDU replay traps 2
WB_MAF_FULL_REPLAYS WB/MAF full replay traps 2
MEM_BARRIER Memory barrier instructions 2
LOAD_LOCKED LDx/L instructions 2
SCACHE_ACCESS S-cache access 1
SCACHE_READ S-cache read 1
SCACHE_WRITE S-cache write 1, 2
SCACHE_VICTIM S-cache victim 1
SCACHE_MISS S-cache miss 2
SCACHE_READ_MISS S-cache read miss 2
SCACHE_WRITE_MISS S-cache write miss 2
SCACHE_SH_WRITE S-cache shared writes 2
BCACHE_HIT B-cache hit 1
BCACHE_VICTIM B-cache victim 1
BCACHE_MISS B-cache miss 2
SYS_REQ System requests 1
SYS_INV System invalidates 2
SYS_READ_REQ System read requests 2
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