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AMD family 11h events

This is a list of AMD64 family 11h's CPU's performance counter event types. See BIOS and Kernel Developer's Guide for AMD Family 11h Processors, (31116.pdf), Section 3.14.

NameDescriptionCounters usableUnit mask options
DISPATCHED_FPU_OPS Dispatched FPU ops all 0x01: Add pipe ops
0x02: Multiply pipe
0x04: Store pipe ops
0x08: Add pipe load ops
0x10: Multiply pipe load ops
0x20: Store pipe load ops
CYCLES_NO_FPU_OPS_RETIRED Cycles in which the FPU is empty all
DISPATCHED_FPU_OPS_FAST_FLAG Dispatched FPU ops that use the fast flag interface all
SEGMENT_REGISTER_LOADS Segment register loads all 0x01: ES register
0x02: CS register
0x04: SS register
0x08: DS register
0x10: FS register
0x20: GS register
0x40: HS register
PIPELINE_RESTART_DUE_TO_SELF_MODIFYING_CODE Micro-architectural re-sync caused by self modifying code all
PIPELINE_RESTART_DUE_TO_PROBE_HIT Micro-architectural re-sync caused by snoop all
LS_BUFFER_2_FULL_CYCLES Cycles LS Buffer 2 full all
LOCKED_OPS Locked operations all 0x01: The number of locked instructions executed
0x02: The number of cycles spent in speculative phase
0x04: The number of cycles spent in non-speculative phase (including cache miss penalty)
DATA_CACHE_ACCESSES Data cache accesses all
DATA_CACHE_MISSES Data cache misses all
DATA_CACHE_REFILLS_FROM_L2_OR_SYSTEM Data cache refills from L2 or system all 0x01: refill from system
0x02: (S)hared cache state from L2
0x04: (E)xclusive cache state from L2
0x08: (O)wned cache state from L2
0x10: (M)odified cache state from L2
0x1e: All cache states except Invalid
DATA_CACHE_REFILLS_FROM_SYSTEM Data cache refills from system all 0x01: (I)nvalid cache state
0x02: (S)hared cache state
0x04: (E)xclusive cache state
0x08: (O)wned cache state
0x10: (M)odified cache state
0x1f: All cache states
DATA_CACHE_LINES_EVICTED Data cache lines evicted all 0x01: (I)nvalid cache state
0x02: (S)hared cache state
0x04: (E)xclusive cache state
0x08: (O)wned cache state
0x10: (M)odified cache state
0x1f: All cache states
L1_DTLB_MISS_AND_L2_DTLB_HIT L1 DTLB misses and L2 DTLB hits all
L1_DTLB_AND_L2_DTLB_MISS L1 and L2 DTLB misses all
MISALIGNED_ACCESSES Misaligned Accesses all
MICROARCHITECTURAL_LATE_CANCEL_OF_AN_ACCESS Micro-architectural late cancel of an access all
MICROARCHITECTURAL_EARLY_CANCEL_OF_AN_ACCESS Micro-architectural early cancel of an access all
SCRUBBER_SINGLE_BIT_ECC_ERRORS One bit ECC error recorded by scrubber all 0x01: Scrubber error
0x02: Piggyback scrubber errors
PREFETCH_INSTRUCTIONS_DISPATCHED Prefetch instructions dispatched all 0x01: Load
0x02: Store
0x04: NTA
DCACHE_MISS_LOCKED_INSTRUCTIONS DCACHE misses by locked instructions all 0x02: Data cache misses by locked instructions
MEMORY_REQUESTS Memory requests by type all 0x01: Requests to non-cacheable (UC) memory
0x02: Requests to write-combining (WC) memory or WC buffer flushes to WB memory
0x80: Streaming store (SS) requests
DATA_PREFETCHES Data prefetcher all 0x01: Cancelled prefetches
0x02: Prefetch attempts
SYSTEM_READ_RESPONSES System read responses by coherency state all 0x01: Exclusive
0x02: Modified
0x04: Shared
0x08: Data Error
QUADWORD_WRITE_TRANSFERS Quadwords written to system all 0x01: Quadword write transfer
REQUESTS_TO_L2 Requests to L2 cache all 0x01: IC fill
0x02: DC fill
0x04: TLB fill (page table walk)
0x08: Tag snoop request
0x10: Cancelled request
L2_CACHE_MISS L2 cache misses all 0x01: IC fill
0x02: DC fill
0x04: TLB page table walk
L2_CACHE_FILL_WRITEBACK L2 fill/writeback all 0x01: L2 fills (victims from L1 caches, TLB page table walks and data prefetches)
0x02: L2 writebacks to system
INSTRUCTION_CACHE_FETCHES Instruction cache fetches all
INSTRUCTION_CACHE_MISSES Instruction cache misses all
INSTRUCTION_CACHE_REFILLS_FROM_L2 Instruction cache refills from L2 all
INSTRUCTION_CACHE_REFILLS_FROM_SYSTEM Instruction cache refills from system all
L1_ITLB_MISS_AND_L2_ITLB_HIT L1 ITLB miss and L2 ITLB hit all
L1_ITLB_MISS_AND_L2_ITLB_MISS L1 ITLB miss and L2 ITLB miss all
PIPELINE_RESTART_DUE_TO_INSTRUCTION_STREAM_PROBE Pipeline restart due to instruction stream probe all
INSTRUCTION_FETCH_STALL Instruction fetch stall all
RETURN_STACK_HITS Return stack hits all
RETURN_STACK_OVERFLOWS Return stack overflows all
RETIRED_CFLUSH Retired CLFLUSH instructions all
RETIRED_CPUID Retired CPUID instructions all
CPU_CLK_UNHALTED Cycles outside of halt state all
RETIRED_INSTRUCTIONS Retired instructions (includes exceptions, interrupts, re-syncs) all
RETIRED_UOPS Retired micro-ops all
RETIRED_BRANCH_INSTRUCTIONS Retired branches (conditional, unconditional, exceptions, interrupts) all
RETIRED_MISPREDICTED_BRANCH_INSTRUCTIONS Retired mispredicted branch instructions all
RETIRED_TAKEN_BRANCH_INSTRUCTIONS Retired taken branch instructions all
RETIRED_TAKEN_BRANCH_INSTRUCTIONS_MISPREDICTED Retired taken branches mispredicted all
RETIRED_FAR_CONTROL_TRANSFERS Retired far control transfers all
RETIRED_BRANCH_RESYNCS Retired branches resyncs (only non-control transfer branches) all
RETIRED_NEAR_RETURNS Retired near returns all
RETIRED_NEAR_RETURNS_MISPREDICTED Retired near returns mispredicted all
RETIRED_INDIRECT_BRANCHES_MISPREDICTED Retired indirect branches mispredicted all
RETIRED_MMX_FP_INSTRUCTIONS Retired MMX/FP instructions all 0x01: x87 instructions
0x02: MMX & 3DNow instructions
0x04: Packed SSE & SSE2 instructions
0x08: Packed scalar SSE & SSE2 instructions
RETIRED_FASTPATH_DOUBLE_OP_INSTRUCTIONS Retired FastPath double-op instructions all 0x01: With low op in position 0
0x02: With low op in position 1
0x04: With low op in position 2
INTERRUPTS_MASKED_CYCLES Cycles with interrupts masked (IF=0) all
INTERRUPTS_MASKED_CYCLES_WITH_INTERRUPT_PENDING Cycles with interrupts masked while interrupt pending all
INTERRUPTS_TAKEN Number of taken hardware interrupts all
DECODER_EMPTY Nothing to dispatch (decoder empty) all
DISPATCH_STALLS Dispatch stalls all
DISPATCH_STALL_FOR_BRANCH_ABORT Dispatch stall from branch abort to retire all
DISPATCH_STALL_FOR_SERIALIZATION Dispatch stall for serialization all
DISPATCH_STALL_FOR_SEGMENT_LOAD Dispatch stall for segment load all
DISPATCH_STALL_FOR_REORDER_BUFFER_FULL Dispatch stall for reorder buffer full all
DISPATCH_STALL_FOR_RESERVATION_STATION_FULL Dispatch stall when reservation stations are full all
DISPATCH_STALL_FOR_FPU_FULL Dispatch stall when FPU is full all
DISPATCH_STALL_FOR_LS_FULL Dispatch stall when LS is full all
DISPATCH_STALL_WAITING_FOR_ALL_QUIET Dispatch stall when waiting for all to be quiet all
DISPATCH_STALL_FOR_FAR_TRANSFER_OR_RESYNC Dispatch stall for far transfer or resync to retire all
FPU_EXCEPTIONS FPU exceptions all 0x01: x87 reclass microfaults
0x02: SSE retype microfaults
0x04: SSE reclass microfaults
0x08: SSE and x87 microtraps
DR0_BREAKPOINTS Number of breakpoints for DR0 all
DR1_BREAKPOINTS Number of breakpoints for DR1 all
DR2_BREAKPOINTS Number of breakpoints for DR2 all
DR3_BREAKPOINTS Number of breakpoints for DR3 all
DRAM_ACCESSES DRAM accesses all 0x01: DCT0 Page hit
0x02: DCT0 Page miss
0x04: DCT0 Page conflict
0x08: DCT1 Page hit
0x10: DCT1 Page miss
0x20: DCT1 Page conflict
0x40: Write request
0x80: Read request
DRAM_CONTROLLER_PAGE_TABLE_EVENTS DRAM Controller Page Table Events all 0x01: DCT Page Table Overflow
0x02: Number of stale table entry hits (hit on a page closed too soon)
0x04: Page table idle cycle limit incremented
0x08: Page table idle cycle limit decremented
MEMORY_CONTROLLER_TURNAROUNDS Memory controller turnarounds all 0x01: DCT0 Read to write turnaround
0x02: DCT0 Write to read turnaround
0x04: DCT0 DIMM (chip select) turnaround
0x08: DCT1 Read to write turnaround
0x10: DCT1 Write to read turnaround
0x20: DCT1 DIMM (chip select) turnaround
MEMORY_CONTROLLER_RBD_QUEUE_EVENTS Memory controller RBD queue events all 0x04: F2x[1,0]94[DcqBypassMax] counter reached
THERMAL_STATUS Thermal status all 0x01: Number of clocks MEMHOT_L is asserted
0x04: Number of times the HTC transitions from inactive to active
0x20: Number of clocks HTC P-state is inactive
0x40: Number of clocks HTC P-state is active
0x80: PROCHOT_L asserted by an external source and P-state change occurred
CPU_IO_REQUESTS_TO_MEMORY_IO CPU/IO requests to memory/IO all 0xa1: Requests Local I/O to Local I/O
0xa2: Requests Local I/O to Local Memory
0xa3: Requests Local I/O to Local (I/O or Mem)
0xa4: Requests Local CPU to Local I/O
0xa5: Requests Local (CPU or I/O) to Local I/O
0xa8: Requests Local CPU to Local Memory
0xaa: Requests Local (CPU or I/O) to Local Memory
0xac: Requests Local CPU to Local (I/O or Mem)
0xaf: Requests Local (CPU or I/O) to Local (I/O or Mem)
0x91: Requests Local I/O to Remote I/O
0x92: Requests Local I/O to Remote Memory
0x93: Requests Local I/O to Remote (I/O or Mem)
0x94: Requests Local CPU to Remote I/O
0x95: Requests Local (CPU or I/O) to Remote I/O
0x98: Requests Local CPU to Remote Memory
0x9a: Requests Local (CPU or I/O) to Remote Memory
0x9c: Requests Local CPU to Remote (I/O or Mem)
0x9f: Requests Local (CPU or I/O) to Remote (I/O or Mem)
0xb1: Requests Local I/O to Any I/O
0xb2: Requests Local I/O to Any Memory
0xb3: Requests Local I/O to Any (I/O or Mem)
0xb4: Requests Local CPU to Any I/O
0xb5: Requests Local (CPU or I/O) to Any I/O
0xb8: Requests Local CPU to Any Memory
0xba: Requests Local (CPU or I/O) to Any Memory
0xbc: Requests Local CPU to Any (I/O or Mem)
0xbf: Requests Local (CPU or I/O) to Any (I/O or Mem)
0x61: Requests Remote I/O to Local I/O
0x64: Requests Remote CPU to Local I/O
0x65: Requests Remote (CPU or I/O) to Local I/O
CACHE_BLOCK_COMMANDS Cache block commands all 0x01: Victim Block (Writeback)
0x04: Read Block (Dcache load miss refill)
0x08: Read Block Shared (Icache refill)
0x10: Read Block Modified (Dcache store miss refill)
0x20: Change to Dirty (first store to clean block already in cache)
SIZED_COMMANDS Sized commands all 0x01: Non-posted write byte (1-32 bytes)
0x02: Non-posted write DWORD (1-16 DWORDs)
0x04: Posted write byte (1-32 bytes)
0x08: Posted write DWORD (1-16 DWORDs)
0x10: Read byte (4 bytes)
0x20: Read DWORD (1-16 DWORDs)
PROBE_RESPONSES_AND_UPSTREAM_REQUESTS Probe responses and upstream requests all 0x01: Probe miss
0x02: Probe hit clean
0x04: Probe hit dirty without memory cancel
0x08: Probe hit dirty with memory cancel
0x10: Upstream display refresh/ISOC reads
0x20: Upstream non-display refresh reads
0x40: Upstream ISOC writes
0x80: Upstream non-ISOC writes
DEV_EVENTS DEV events all 0x10: DEV hit
0x20: DEV miss
0x40: DEV error
MEMORY_CONTROLLER_REQUESTS Memory controller requests all 0x08: 32 Bytes Sized Writes
0x10: 64 Bytes Sized Writes
0x20: 32 Bytes Sized Reads
0x40: 64 Bytes Sized Reads
SIDEBAND_SIGNALS_AND_SPECIAL_CYCLES Sideband Signals and Special Cycles all 0x01: HALT
0x08: WBINVD
0x10: INVD
INTERRUPT_EVENTS Interrupt Events all 0x01: Fixed
0x02: LPA
0x04: SMI
0x08: NMI
0x10: INIT
0x40: INT
0x80: EOI
HYPERTRANSPORT_LINK_0_TRANSMIT_BANDWIDTH HyperTransport(tm) link 0 transmit bandwidth all 0x01: Command DWORD sent
0x02: Address DWORD sent
0x04: Data DWORD sent
0x08: Buffer release DWORD sent
0x10: Nop DW sent (idle)
0x20: Per packet CRC sent
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