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AMD Generic Performance Events

This is a list of AMD64 Generic Performance Event types. Please see BIOS and Kernel Developer's Guide for AMD Processors.

NameDescriptionCounters usableUnit mask options
DATA_CACHE_ACCESSES Data Cache Accesses all
DATA_CACHE_MISSES Data Cache Misses all 0x01: First data cache miss or streaming store to a 64B cache line
0x02: First streaming store to a 64B cache line
DATA_CACHE_REFILLS_FROM_L2_OR_NORTHBRIDGE Data Cache Refills from L2 or System all 0x01: Fill with good data. (Final valid status is valid)
0x02: Early valid status turned out to be invalid
0x08: Fill with read data error
DATA_CACHE_REFILLS_FROM_NORTHBRIDGE Data Cache Refills from System all
CPU_CLK_UNHALTED CPU Clocks not Halted all
INSTRUCTION_CACHE_FETCHES Instruction Cache Fetches all
INSTRUCTION_CACHE_MISSES Instruction Cache Misses all
INSTRUCTION_CACHE_REFILLS_FROM_L2 Instruction Cache Refills from L2 all
INSTRUCTION_CACHE_REFILLS_FROM_SYSTEM Instruction Cache Refills from System all
RETIRED_INSTRUCTIONS Retired Instructions all
RETIRED_UOPS Retired uops all
RETIRED_BRANCH_INSTRUCTIONS Retired Branch Instructions all
RETIRED_MISPREDICTED_BRANCH_INSTRUCTIONS Retired Mispredicted Branch Instructions all
RETIRED_TAKEN_BRANCH_INSTRUCTIONS Retired Taken Branch Instructions all
RETIRED_TAKEN_BRANCH_INSTRUCTIONS_MISPREDICTED Retired Taken Branch Instructions Mispredicted all
RETIRED_INDIRECT_BRANCHES_MISPREDICTED Retired Indirect Branches Mispredicted all
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