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ARM V6 events

This is a list of all ARM V6's performance counter event types. Please see ARM11 Technical Reference Manual.

NameDescriptionCounters usableUnit mask options
IFU_IFETCH_MISS number of instruction fetch misses 0, 1
CYCLES_IFU_MEM_STALL cycles instruction fetch pipe is stalled 0, 1
CYCLES_DATA_STALL cycles stall occurs for due to data dependency 0, 1
ITLB_MISS number of Instruction MicroTLB misses 0, 1
DTLB_MISS number of Data MicroTLB misses 0, 1
BR_INST_EXECUTED branch instruction executed w/ or w/o program flow change 0, 1
BR_INST_MISS_PRED branch mispredicted 0, 1
INSN_EXECUTED instructions executed 0, 1
DCACHE_ACCESS data cache access, cacheable locations 0, 1
DCACHE_ACCESS_ALL data cache access, all locations 0, 1
DCACHE_MISS data cache miss 0, 1
DCACHE_WB data cache writeback, 1 event for every half cacheline 0, 1
PC_CHANGE number of times the program counter was changed without a mode switch 0, 1
TLB_MISS Main TLB miss 0, 1
EXP_EXTERNAL Explict external data access 0, 1
LSU_STALL cycles stalled because Load Store request queque is full 0, 1
WRITE_DRAIN Times write buffer was drained 0, 1
ETMEXTOUT0 nuber of cycles ETMEXTOUT[0] signal was asserted 0, 1
ETMEXTOUT1 nuber of cycles ETMEXTOUT[1] signal was asserted 0, 1
ETMEXTOUT_BOTH nuber of cycles both ETMEXTOUT [0] and [1] were asserted * 2 0, 1
CPU_CYCLES clock cycles counter all
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