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ARM/XScale PMU1 events

This is a list of all ARM/XScale PMU1's performance counter event types. Please See Intel XScale Core Developer's Manual - Chapter 8 Performance Monitoring

NameDescriptionCounters usableUnit mask options
IFU_IFETCH_MISS number of instruction fetch misses 1, 2
CYCLES_IFU_MEM_STALL cycles instruction fetch pipe is stalled 1, 2
CYCLES_DATA_STALL cycles stall occurs for due to data dependency 1, 2
ITLB_MISS number of ITLB misses 1, 2
DTLB_MISS number of DTLB misses 1, 2
BR_INST_EXECUTED branch instruction executed w/ or w/o program flow change 1, 2
BR_INST_MISS_PRED branch mispredicted 1, 2
INSN_EXECUTED instruction executed 1, 2
CYCLES_DCACHE_FULL_STALL cycles in stall due to full dcache 1, 2
DCACHE_FULL_STALL_CNT number of stalls due to dcache full condition 1
DCACHE_ACCESS data cache access 1, 2
DCACHE_MISS data cache miss 1, 2
DCACHE_WB data cache writeback, 1 event for every half cacheline 1, 2
PC_CHANGE number of times the program counter was changed without a mode switch 1, 2
BCU_REQUEST number of time the BCU received a new memory request from the core 1, 2
BCU_FULL number of cycles the BCUs request queue is full 1, 2
BCU_DRAIN number of times the BCU queues were drained due to a Drain Write Buffer command or an I/O transaction on a non-cacheable and non-bufferable page 1, 2
BCU_ECC_NO_ELOG number of times the BCU detected an ECC error, but no ELOG register was available in which to log the error 1, 2
BCU_1_BIT_ERR number of times the BCU detected a 1-bit error while reading data from the bus 1, 2
RMW number of times an RMW cycle occurred due to narrow write on ECC-protected memory 1, 2
CPU_CYCLES clock cycles counter 0
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