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APM X-Gene events

This is a list of all APM X-Gene's performance counter event types. Please see ARM Architecture Reference Manual ARMv8, for ARMv8-A architecture profile DDI (ARM DDI0487A.a).

NameDescriptionCounters usableUnit mask options
SW_INCR Instruction architecturally executed, condition code check pass, software increment all
L1I_CACHE_REFILL Level 1 instruction cache refill all
L1I_TLB_REFILL Level 1 instruction TLB refill all
L1D_CACHE_REFILL Level 1 data cache refill all
L1D_CACHE Level 1 data cache access all
L1D_TLB_REFILL Level 1 data TLB refill all
INST_RETIRED Instruction architecturally executed all
EXC_TAKEN Exception taken all
EXC_RETURN Instruction architecturally executed, condition code check pass, exception return all
CID_WRITE_RETIRED Instruction architecturally executed, condition code check pass, write to CONTEXTIDR all
BR_MIS_PRED Mispredicted or not predicted branch speculatively executed all
CPU_CYCLES Cycle all
BR_PRED Predictable branch speculatively executed all
MEM_ACCESS Data memory access all
L1I_CACHE Level 1 instruction cache access all
L2D_CACHE Level 2 data cache access all
L2D_CACHE_REFILL Level 2 data cache refill all
L2D_CACHE_WB Level 2 data cache write-back all
BUS_ACCESS Bus access all
MEMORY_ERROR Local memory error all
INST_SPEC Operation speculatively executed all
TTBR_WRITE_RETIRED Instruction architecturally executed, condition code check pass, write to TTBR all
L1D_CACHE_LD L1 data cache access - Read all
L1D_CACHE_ST L1 data cache access - Write all
L1D_CACHE_REFILL_LD L1 data cache refill - Read all
L1D_CACHE_INVAL L1 data cache invalidate all
L1D_TLB_REFILL_LD L1 data TLB refill - Read all
L1D_TLB_REFILL_ST L1 data TLB refill - Write all
L2D_CACHE_LD L2 data cache access - Read all
L2D_CACHE_ST L2 data cache access - Write all
L2D_CACHE_REFILL_LD L2 data cache refill - Read all
L2D_CACHE_REFILL_ST L2 data cache refill - Write all
L2D_CACHE_WB_VICTIM L2 data cache write-back - victim all
L2D_CACHE_WB_CLEAN L2 data cache write-back - Cleaning and coherency all
L2D_CACHE_INVAL L2 data cache invalidate all
BUS_ACCESS_LD Bus access - Read all
BUS_ACCESS_ST Bus access - Write all
BUS_ACCESS_SHARED Bus access - Normal, cacheable, sharable all
BUS_ACCESS_NOT_SHARED Bus access - Not normal, cacheable, sharable all
BUS_ACCESS_NORMAL Bus access - Normal all
BUS_ACCESS_PERIPH Bus access - Peripheral all
MEM_ACCESS_LD Data memory access - Read all
MEM_ACCESS_ST Data memory access - write all
UNALIGNED_LD_SPEC Unaligned access - Read all
UNALIGNED_ST_SPEC Unaligned access - Write all
UNALIGNED_LDST_SPEC Unaligned access all
LDREX_SPEC Exclusive operation speculatively executed - Load exclusive all
STREX_PASS_SPEC Exclusive operation speculative executed - Store exclusive pass all
STREX_FAIL_SPEC Exclusive operation speculative executed - Store exclusive fail all
STREX_SPEC Exclusive operation speculatively executed - Store exclusive all
LD_SPEC Operation speculatively executed - Load all
ST_SPEC Operation speculatively executed - Store all
LDST_SPEC Operation speculatively executed - Load or store all
DP_SPEC Operation speculatively executed - Integer data processing all
ASE_SPEC Operation speculatively executed - Advanced SIMD all
VFP_SPEC Operation speculatively executed - FP all
PC_WRITE_SPEC Operation speculatively executed - Software change of PC all
BR_IMMED_SPEC Branch speculative executed - Immediate branch all
BR_RETURN_SPEC Branch speculative executed - Procedure return all
BR_INDIRECT_SPEC Branch speculative executed - Indirect branch all
ISB_SPEC Barrier speculatively executed - ISB all
DSB_SPEC Barrier speculatively executed - DSB all
DMB_SPEC Barrier speculatively executed - DMB all
EXC_UNDEF Exception taken, other synchronous all
EXC_SVC Exception taken, Supervisor Call all
EXC_PABORT Exception taken, Instruction Abort all
EXC_DABORT Exception taken, Data Abort or SError all
EXC_IRQ Exception taken, IRQ all
EXC_FIQ Exception taken, FIQ all
EXC_HVC Exception taken, Hypervisor Call all
EXC_TRAP_PABORT Exception taken, Instruction Abort not taken locally all
EXC_TRAP_DABORT Exception taken, Data Abort or SError not taken locally all
EXC_TRAP_OTHER Exception taken, other traps not taken locally all
EXC_TRAP_IRQ Exception taken, IRQ not taken locally all
EXC_TRAP_FIQ Exception taken, FIQ not taken locally all
RC_LD_SPEC Release consistency instruction speculatively executed - Load Acquire all
RC_ST_SPEC Release consistency instruction speculatively executed - Store Release all
NOP_SPEC Operation speculatively executed - NOP all
FSU_CLOCK_OFF_CYCLES FSU clocking gated off cycle all
BTB_MIS_PRED BTB misprediction all
ITB_MISS ITB miss all
DTB_MISS DTB miss all
L1D_CACHE_LATE_MISS L1 data cache late miss all
L1D_CACHE_PREFETCH L1 data cache prefetch request all
L2D_CACHE_PREFETCH L2 data prefetch request all
DECODE_STALL Decode starved for instruction cycle all
DISPATCH_STALL Op dispatch stalled cycle all
IXA_STALL IXA Op non-issue all
IXB_STALL IXB Op non-issue all
BX_STALL BX Op non-issue all
LX_STALL LX Op non-issue all
SX_STALL SX Op non-issue all
FX_STALL FX Op non-issue all
WAIT_CYCLES Wait state cycle all
L1_STAGE2_TLB_REFILL L1 stage-2 TLB refill all
PAGE_WALK_L0_STAGE1_HIT Page Walk Cache level-0 stage-1 hit all
PAGE_WALK_L1_STAGE1_HIT Page Walk Cache level-1 stage-1 hit all
PAGE_WALK_L2_STAGE1_HIT Page Walk Cache level-2 stage-1 hit all
PAGE_WALK_L1_STAGE2_HIT Page Walk Cache level-1 stage-2 hit all
PAGE_WALK_L2_STAGE2_HIT Page Walk Cache level-2 stage-2 hit all
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