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Note that several of the articles below are based on the Red Hat version of OProfile, or use older OProfile versions. Nonetheless, the broad principles are the same.

Prospect: A System Profiler for Linux
HP's Linux port of their Prospect profiling tool. Uses OProfile as the profiling mechanism.
Continuous Profiling: Where Have All the Cycles Gone?
Paper on DCPI, the inspiration for OProfile.
Compaq's original continuous profiling tool.
Performance Characterization and Tuning on Linux with OProfile
A presentation on OProfile by Will Cohen of Red Hat.
Multiple Architecture Characterization of the Build Process with OProfile
Paper on OProfile submitted to the Workshop on Workload Characterization 2003, by Will Cohen.
Smashing performance with OProfile
A brief, out of date, introduction to OProfile by Prasanna S. Panchamukhi.
Profiling Grid Data Transfer Protocols and Servers
Paper indicating the sort of analysis hardware performance counters and OProfile can allow.
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