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Public Member Functions

 module_info ()
void dump ()
void build_module (string const &n, sym_iterator it, size_t l, size_t h)
string get_name ()
void set_lo (size_t l)
void set_hi (size_t h)
count_array_t const & get_summary ()
void set_begin (sym_iterator b)
void set_end (sym_iterator e)
void add_to_summary (count_array_t const &counts)
void output (ostream &out)
bool is_closed (string const &n)

Protected Member Functions

void output_summary (ostream &out)
void output_symbols (ostream &out, bool is_module)

Protected Attributes

string name
sym_iterator begin
sym_iterator end
count_array_t summary
size_t lo
size_t hi

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

module_info::module_info (  )  [inline]

References hi, and lo.

Member Function Documentation

void module_info::add_to_summary ( count_array_t const &  counts  ) 
void module_info::build_module ( string const &  n,
sym_iterator  it,
size_t  l,
size_t  h 

References hi, and lo.

Referenced by thread_info::add_module_symbol().

void module_info::dump (  ) 

Reimplemented in thread_info, process_info, and binary_info.

References cverb, hi, lo, and vxml.

string module_info::get_name (  )  [inline]
count_array_t const& module_info::get_summary (  )  [inline]
bool module_info::is_closed ( string const &  n  ) 
void module_info::output ( ostream &  out  ) 
void module_info::output_summary ( ostream &  out  )  [protected]
void module_info::output_symbols ( ostream &  out,
bool  is_module 
) [protected]
void module_info::set_begin ( sym_iterator  b  ) 
void module_info::set_end ( sym_iterator  e  ) 
void module_info::set_hi ( size_t  h  )  [inline]

References hi.

void module_info::set_lo ( size_t  l  )  [inline]

References lo.

Member Data Documentation

size_t module_info::hi [protected]
size_t module_info::lo [protected]
string module_info::name [protected]

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