ocount_record Class Reference

#include <ocount_counter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ocount_record (enum op_runmode _runmode, std::vector< operf_event_t > &_evts, bool _with_time_interval)
 ~ocount_record ()
bool start_counting_app_process (pid_t _pid)
bool start_counting_tasklist (std::vector< pid_t > _tasks, bool _are_threads)
bool start_counting_cpulist (std::vector< int > _cpus)
bool start_counting_syswide (void)
void add_process (pid_t proc)
void output_results (std::ostream &out, bool use_separation, bool short_format)
bool get_valid (void)
bool are_tasks_processes (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ocount_record::ocount_record ( enum op_runmode  _runmode,
std::vector< operf_event_t > &  _evts,
bool  _with_time_interval 
ocount_record::~ocount_record (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void ocount_record::add_process ( pid_t  proc  )  [inline]
bool ocount_record::are_tasks_processes ( void   )  [inline]
bool ocount_record::get_valid ( void   )  [inline]

Referenced by start_counting().

void ocount_record::output_results ( std::ostream &  out,
bool  use_separation,
bool  short_format 
bool ocount_record::start_counting_app_process ( pid_t  _pid  ) 

References OP_START_APP.

Referenced by start_counting().

bool ocount_record::start_counting_cpulist ( std::vector< int >  _cpus  ) 

References OP_CPULIST.

Referenced by start_counting().

bool ocount_record::start_counting_syswide ( void   ) 

References OP_SYSWIDE, and operf_options::system_wide.

Referenced by start_counting().

bool ocount_record::start_counting_tasklist ( std::vector< pid_t >  _tasks,
bool  _are_threads 


Referenced by start_counting().

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