op_bfd Member List

This is the complete list of members for op_bfd, including all inherited members.
bfd_arch_bits_per_address() const op_bfd
get_embedding_filename() const op_bfd [inline]
get_filename() const op_bfd
get_linenr(symbol_index_t sym_idx, bfd_vma offset, std::string &filename, unsigned int &linenr) const op_bfd
get_start_offset(bfd_vma vma=0) const op_bfd
get_symbol_contents(symbol_index_t sym_index, unsigned char *contents) const op_bfd
get_symbol_range(symbol_index_t sym_idx, unsigned long long &start, unsigned long long &end) const op_bfd
get_vma_adj(void) const op_bfd [inline]
get_vma_range(bfd_vma &start, bfd_vma &end) const op_bfd
has_debug_info() const op_bfd
offset_to_pc(bfd_vma offset) const op_bfd
op_bfd(std::string const &filename, string_filter const &symbol_filter, extra_images const &extra_images, bool &ok)op_bfd
op_bfd(uint64_t spu_offset, std::string const &filename, string_filter const &symbol_filter, extra_images const &extra_images, bool &ok)op_bfd
symbol_has_contents(symbol_index_t sym_idx)op_bfd
valid() const op_bfd [inline]

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