operf_record Class Reference

#include <operf_counter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 operf_record (int output_fd, bool sys_wide, pid_t the_pid, bool pid_running, std::vector< operf_event_t > &evts, OP_perf_utils::vmlinux_info_t vi, bool callgraph, bool separate_by_cpu, bool output_fd_is_file)
 ~operf_record ()
void recordPerfData (void)
int out_fd (void) const
void add_to_total (int n)
void add_process (struct comm_event proc)
unsigned int get_total_bytes_recorded (void) const
void register_perf_event_id (unsigned counter, u64 id, perf_event_attr evt_attr)
bool get_valid (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

operf_record::operf_record ( int  output_fd,
bool  sys_wide,
pid_t  the_pid,
bool  pid_running,
std::vector< operf_event_t > &  evts,
OP_perf_utils::vmlinux_info_t  vi,
bool  callgraph,
bool  separate_by_cpu,
bool  output_fd_is_file 
operf_record::~operf_record (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void operf_record::add_process ( struct comm_event  proc  )  [inline]
void operf_record::add_to_total ( int  n  )  [inline]
unsigned int operf_record::get_total_bytes_recorded ( void   )  const [inline]

Referenced by start_profiling().

bool operf_record::get_valid ( void   )  [inline]

Referenced by start_profiling().

int operf_record::out_fd ( void   )  const [inline]
void operf_record::recordPerfData ( void   ) 
void operf_record::register_perf_event_id ( unsigned  counter,
u64  id,
perf_event_attr  evt_attr 

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