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#include <xml_utils.h>

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Public Member Functions

 xml_utils (format_output::xml_formatter *xo, symbol_collection const &s, size_t nc, extra_images const &extra)
void output_symbol_bytes (std::ostream &out, symbol_entry const *symb, size_t sym_id, op_bfd const &abfd)
bool output_summary_data (std::ostream &out, count_array_t const &summary, size_t pclass)
size_t get_symbol_index (sym_iterator const it)
void output_program_structure (std::ostream &out)
void build_subclasses (std::ostream &out)

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string get_timer_setup (size_t count)
static std::string get_event_setup (std::string event, size_t count, std::string unit_mask)
static std::string get_profile_header (std::string cpu_name, double const speed)
static void set_nr_cpus (size_t cpus)
static void set_nr_events (size_t events)
static void set_has_nonzero_masks ()
static void add_option (tag_t tag, bool value)
static void add_option (tag_t tag, std::string const &value)
static void add_option (tag_t tag, std::vector< std::string > const &value)
static void add_option (tag_t tag, std::list< std::string > const &value)
static void output_xml_header (std::string const &command_options, std::string const &cpu_info, std::string const &events)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xml_utils::xml_utils ( format_output::xml_formatter xo,
symbol_collection const &  s,
size_t  nc,
extra_images const &  extra 

Member Function Documentation

static void xml_utils::add_option ( tag_t  tag,
std::list< std::string > const &  value 
) [static]
static void xml_utils::add_option ( tag_t  tag,
std::vector< std::string > const &  value 
) [static]
static void xml_utils::add_option ( tag_t  tag,
std::string const &  value 
) [static]
void xml_utils::add_option ( tag_t  tag,
bool  value 
) [static]

References init_attr(), and xml_options.

Referenced by handle_options().

void xml_utils::build_subclasses ( std::ostream &  out  ) 
static std::string xml_utils::get_event_setup ( std::string  event,
size_t  count,
std::string  unit_mask 
) [static]
static std::string xml_utils::get_profile_header ( std::string  cpu_name,
double const   speed 
) [static]

Referenced by describe_cpu().

size_t xml_utils::get_symbol_index ( sym_iterator const   it  ) 
string xml_utils::get_timer_setup ( size_t  count  )  [static]
void xml_utils::output_program_structure ( std::ostream &  out  ) 
bool xml_utils::output_summary_data ( std::ostream &  out,
count_array_t const &  summary,
size_t  pclass 
void xml_utils::output_symbol_bytes ( std::ostream &  out,
symbol_entry const *  symb,
size_t  sym_id,
op_bfd const &  abfd 
static void xml_utils::output_xml_header ( std::string const &  command_options,
std::string const &  cpu_info,
std::string const &  events 
) [static]
void xml_utils::set_has_nonzero_masks (  )  [static]
void xml_utils::set_nr_cpus ( size_t  cpus  )  [static]

References nr_cpus.

void xml_utils::set_nr_events ( size_t  events  )  [static]

References nr_events.

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