popt Namespace Reference


class  option_base
 option_base - base class for implementation of a command line option More...
class  option_imp< void >
 option<void> - a binary option More...
class  option_imp< int >
 option<int> - a integer option More...
class  option_imp< string >
 option<string> - a string option More...
class  option_imp< vector< string > >
 option< vector<string> > - a string vector option More...
class  option
 option - base class for a command line option More...


void parse_options (int argc, char const **argv, vector< string > &additional_params)
void parse_options (int argc, char const **argv, std::vector< std::string > &additional_params)
 parse_options - parse command line options

Function Documentation

void popt::parse_options ( int  argc,
char const **  argv,
std::vector< std::string > &  additional_params 

parse_options - parse command line options

argc like the parameter of main()
argv like the parameter of main()
additional_params additional options are stored here

Parse the given command line with the previous options created. Multiple additional arguments that are not recognised will be added to the additional_params vector.

void popt::parse_options ( int  argc,
char const **  argv,
vector< string > &  additional_params 

Referenced by main().

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