op_mangle.c File Reference

Mangling of sample file names. More...

#include "op_mangle.h"
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "op_libiberty.h"
#include "op_sample_file.h"
#include "op_config.h"
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char * op_mangle_filename (struct mangle_values const *values)
 op_mangle_filename - mangle a sample filename

Detailed Description

Mangling of sample file names.

Copyright 2002 OProfile authors
Read the file COPYING
John Levon
Philippe Elie

Function Documentation

char* op_mangle_filename ( struct mangle_values const *  values  ) 

op_mangle_filename - mangle a sample filename

values parameters to use as mangling input

See also PP:3 for the encoding scheme

Returns a char* pointer to the mangled string. Caller is responsible for freeing this string.

References mangle_values::anon_name, mangle_values::cg_image_name, mangle_values::count, mangle_values::cpu, mangle_values::dep_name, mangle_values::event_name, mangle_values::flags, mangle_values::image_name, MANGLE_ANON, MANGLE_CALLGRAPH, MANGLE_CG_ANON, MANGLE_CPU, MANGLE_TGID, MANGLE_TID, op_samples_current_dir, mangle_values::tgid, mangle_values::tid, and mangle_values::unit_mask.

Referenced by main().

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