op_parse_event.c File Reference

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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include "op_parse_event.h"
#include "op_string.h"
#include "op_events.h"
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size_t parse_events (struct parsed_event *parsed_events, size_t max_events, char const *const *events, int check_count)

Detailed Description

event parsing

You can have silliness here.

Copyright 2002 OProfile authors
Read the file COPYING
John Levon
Philippe Elie

Function Documentation

size_t parse_events ( struct parsed_event parsed_events,
size_t  max_events,
char const *const *  events,
int  check_count 
parsed_events array of events to fill in
max_events size of parsed_events
events null terminated array of events string on the form event_name:count[:unit_mask:kernel:user]

parse events given by the nil terminated array events and fill in parsed_events with results. Events validity are not checked except. A fatal error occur if number of events is greater than max_events.

Return the number of events parsed.

References parsed_event::count, parsed_event::kernel, parsed_event::name, TIMER_EVENT_NAME, parsed_event::unit_mask, parsed_event::unit_mask_name, parsed_event::unit_mask_valid, and parsed_event::user.

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