opd_extended.c File Reference

OProfile Extended Feature. More...

#include "opd_extended.h"
#include "op_string.h"
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>
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int opd_ext_initialize (char const *value)
 Param "value" is the input from CML option with the format:.
int opd_ext_deinitialize ()
void opd_ext_print_stats ()
 Print out extended feature statistics in oprofiled.log file.
void opd_ext_sfile_create (struct sfile *sf)
 opd_sfile extended APIs
void opd_ext_sfile_dup (struct sfile *to, struct sfile *from)
void opd_ext_sfile_close (struct sfile *sf)
void opd_ext_sfile_sync (struct sfile *sf)
odb_topd_ext_sfile_get (struct transient const *trans, int is_cg)
struct opd_eventopd_ext_find_counter_event (unsigned long counter)


struct opd_ext_handlers ibs_handlers

Detailed Description

OProfile Extended Feature.

Copyright 2007-2009 OProfile authors
Read the file COPYING
Suravee Suthikulpanit <suravee.suthikulpanit@amd.com> Copyright (c) 2009 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Function Documentation

int opd_ext_deinitialize (  ) 
value,: commandline input option string


References opd_ext_handlers::ext_deinit, and opd_ext_feature::handlers.

struct opd_event* opd_ext_find_counter_event ( unsigned long  counter  )  [read]
counter,: counter index

Get event struct opd_event from the counter index value.

References opd_ext_handlers::ext_sfile, opd_ext_sfile_handlers::find_counter_event, opd_ext_feature::handlers, and handlers.

Referenced by find_counter_event().

int opd_ext_initialize ( char const *  value  ) 

Param "value" is the input from CML option with the format:.

<feature name>="">:<param1>:<param2>:<param3>:.....

where param1,2.3,..n are optional.

References opd_ext_handlers::ext_init, opd_ext_feature::handlers, and op_xstrndup().

void opd_ext_print_stats (  ) 

Print out extended feature statistics in oprofiled.log file.

References opd_ext_handlers::ext_print_stats, opd_ext_feature::handlers, and handlers.

Referenced by opd_print_stats().

void opd_ext_sfile_close ( struct sfile sf  ) 
void opd_ext_sfile_create ( struct sfile sf  ) 

opd_sfile extended APIs

opd_sfile extended sfile handling functions

References opd_ext_sfile_handlers::create, opd_ext_handlers::ext_sfile, opd_ext_feature::handlers, and handlers.

void opd_ext_sfile_dup ( struct sfile to,
struct sfile from 
odb_t* opd_ext_sfile_get ( struct transient const *  trans,
int  is_cg 
void opd_ext_sfile_sync ( struct sfile sf  ) 

Variable Documentation

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