opjitconv.h File Reference

Convert a jit dump file to an ELF file. More...

#include "config.h"
#include <stddef.h>
#include <bfd.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include "op_list.h"
#include "op_types.h"
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struct  jitentry
struct  jitentry_debug_line
struct  op_jitdump_info
struct  pathname
struct  jitdump_deletion_candidate


#define OP_JIT_CONV_OK   0
#define OP_JIT_CONV_FAIL   -1


void create_arrays (void)
int resolve_overlaps (unsigned long long start_time)
void disambiguate_symbol_names (void)
int parse_all (void const *start, void const *end, unsigned long long end_time)
int op_jit_convert (struct op_jitdump_info file_info, char const *elffile, unsigned long long start_time, unsigned long long end_time)
bfd * open_elf (char const *filename)
int partition_sections (void)
int fill_sections (void)
asection * create_section (bfd *abfd, char const *section_name, size_t size, bfd_vma vma, flagword flags)
int fill_section_content (bfd *abfd, asection *section, void const *b, file_ptr offset, size_t sz)
int init_debug_line_info (bfd *abfd)
int finalize_debug_line_info (bfd *abfd)


enum bfd_architecture dump_bfd_arch
int dump_bfd_mach
char const * dump_bfd_target_name
struct jitentryjitentry_list
u32 entry_count
struct jitentry_debug_linejitentry_debug_line_list
u32 max_entry_count
struct jitentry ** entries_symbols_ascending
struct jitentry ** entries_address_ascending
asymbol ** syms
bfd * cur_bfd
int debug

Detailed Description

Convert a jit dump file to an ELF file.

Copyright 2007 OProfile authors
Read the file COPYING
Jens Wilke Maynard Johnson Philippe Elie Daniel Hansel

Copyright IBM Corporation 2007

Define Documentation

#define OP_JIT_CONV_FAIL   -1

Referenced by op_jit_convert().

#define OP_JIT_CONV_OK   0

Function Documentation

void create_arrays ( void   ) 
asection* create_section ( bfd *  abfd,
char const *  section_name,
size_t  size,
bfd_vma  vma,
flagword  flags 

References debug, error(), and verbprintf.

Referenced by init_debug_line_info().

void disambiguate_symbol_names ( void   ) 
int fill_section_content ( bfd *  abfd,
asection *  section,
void const *  b,
file_ptr  offset,
size_t  sz 
int fill_sections ( void   ) 
int finalize_debug_line_info ( bfd *  abfd  ) 
int init_debug_line_info ( bfd *  abfd  ) 
int op_jit_convert ( struct op_jitdump_info  file_info,
char const *  elffile,
unsigned long long  start_time,
unsigned long long  end_time 
bfd* open_elf ( char const *  filename  ) 
int parse_all ( void const *  start,
void const *  end,
unsigned long long  end_time 

References OP_JIT_CONV_FAIL.

Referenced by op_jit_convert().

int partition_sections ( void   ) 
int resolve_overlaps ( unsigned long long  start_time  ) 

Variable Documentation

bfd* cur_bfd

Referenced by op_jit_convert().

int debug
enum bfd_architecture dump_bfd_arch

Referenced by open_elf().

Referenced by open_elf().

char const* dump_bfd_target_name

Referenced by open_elf().

Referenced by op_jit_convert().

Referenced by op_jit_convert().

Referenced by create_arrays(), and op_jit_convert().

asymbol** syms

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