oprof_start_util.h File Reference

Miscellaneous helpers for the GUI start. More...

#include <cmath>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
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struct  daemon_status
 Store various daemon status data. More...


double ratio (double x1, double x2)
std::string const get_config_filename (std::string const &filename)
bool check_and_create_config_dir ()
 check_and_create_config_dir - make sure config dir is accessible
std::string const format (std::string const &orig, uint const maxlen)
int do_exec_command (std::string const &cmd, std::vector< std::string > const &args=std::vector< std::string >())
std::string const do_open_file_or_dir (std::string const &base_dir, bool dir_only)
bool verify_argument (std::string const &str)

Detailed Description

Miscellaneous helpers for the GUI start.

Copyright 2002 OProfile authors
Read the file COPYING
Philippe Elie
John Levon

Function Documentation

bool check_and_create_config_dir (  ) 

check_and_create_config_dir - make sure config dir is accessible

Returns true if the dir is accessible.

References create_dir(), and get_config_filename().

int do_exec_command ( std::string const &  cmd,
std::vector< std::string > const &  args = std::vector< std::string >() 
std::string const do_open_file_or_dir ( std::string const &  base_dir,
bool  dir_only 
std::string const format ( std::string const &  orig,
uint const   maxlen 
std::string const get_config_filename ( std::string const &  filename  ) 
double ratio ( double  x1,
double  x2 
) [inline]
bool verify_argument ( std::string const &  str  ) 

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