oprofiled.h File Reference

Initialisation and setup. More...

#include <signal.h>
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struct  oprofiled_ops


void opd_open_logfile (void)
 opd_open_logfile - open the log file
int is_image_ignored (char const *name)
 is_image_ignored - check if we must ignore this image
int opd_read_fs_int (char const *path, char const *name, int is_fatal)
 return the int in the given oprofilefs file, error is fatal if !is_fatal


sig_atomic_t signal_alarm
 global variable positioned by signal handler
sig_atomic_t signal_hup
sig_atomic_t signal_term
sig_atomic_t signal_child
sig_atomic_t signal_usr1
sig_atomic_t signal_usr2
unsigned int op_nr_counters
int separate_lib
int separate_kernel
int separate_thread
int separate_cpu
int no_vmlinux
char * vmlinux
char * kernel_range
int no_xen
char * xenimage
char * xen_range

Detailed Description

Initialisation and setup.

Copyright 2002, 2003 OProfile authors
Read the file COPYING
John Levon
Philippe Elie Modified by Aravind Menon for Xen These modifications are: Copyright (C) 2005 Hewlett-Packard Co.

Function Documentation

int is_image_ignored ( char const *  name  ) 

is_image_ignored - check if we must ignore this image

name the name to check

Return true if the image should not be profiled

References list_entry, list_for_each, opd_hashed_name::name, opd_hashed_name::next, and op_hash_string().

void opd_open_logfile ( void   ) 

opd_open_logfile - open the log file

Open the logfile on stdout and stderr. This function assumes that 1 and 2 are the lowest close()d file descriptors. Failure to open on either descriptor is a fatal error.

References op_log_file.

int opd_read_fs_int ( char const *  path,
char const *  name,
int  fatal 

return the int in the given oprofilefs file, error is fatal if !is_fatal

References op_read_int_from_file().

Variable Documentation

char* kernel_range
int no_xen

Referenced by opd_create_xen().

unsigned int op_nr_counters
sig_atomic_t signal_alarm

global variable positioned by signal handler

sig_atomic_t signal_child
sig_atomic_t signal_hup
sig_atomic_t signal_term
sig_atomic_t signal_usr1
sig_atomic_t signal_usr2
char* vmlinux

Referenced by start_profiling().

char* xen_range
char* xenimage

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