image_name_storage Struct Reference

class storing a set of shared image name More...

#include <name_storage.h>

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Public Types

enum  image_name_type { int_basename, int_filename, int_real_basename, int_real_filename }

Public Member Functions

std::string const & get_name (image_name_id id, image_name_type type, extra_images const &extra) const
std::string const & basename (image_name_id) const
 return the basename name for the given ID

Detailed Description

class storing a set of shared image name

Member Enumeration Documentation


image name based on the sample filename w/o path


image name based on the sample filename


real image name, can be different for module.


same as int_real_basename + the complete path, including an optionnal archive_path passed trough profile_spec

Member Function Documentation

string const & image_name_storage::basename ( image_name_id  id  )  const

return the basename name for the given ID

References stored_filename::base_filename, stored_filename::filename, and op_basename().

Referenced by get_name().

string const & image_name_storage::get_name ( image_name_id  id,
image_name_type  type,
extra_images const &  extra 
) const
id the image name id
type the image name type
extra extra locations where the image can be found

If type == int_real_name (resp. int_real_filename) and the image can't be located the return value is the same as if get_name() was called with int_name (resp. int_filename).

multiple call with the image_name_id and different extra parameter will throw a runtime error, multiple extra_images are possible with differential profile but the name. FIXME

References basename(), error(), stored_filename::extra_images_uid, stored_filename::filename, extra_images::find_image_path(), extra_images::get_uid(), int_basename, int_filename, int_real_basename, int_real_filename, filename_storage< image_name_tag >::name(), op_basename(), stored_filename::real_base_filename, and stored_filename::real_filename.

Referenced by get_image_name().

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