opd_ext_sfile_handlers Struct Reference

OProfile Extended sub-handlers (sfile). More...

#include <opd_extended.h>

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Public Attributes

int(* create )(struct sfile *)
int(* dup )(struct sfile *, struct sfile *)
int(* close )(struct sfile *)
int(* sync )(struct sfile *)
odb_t *(* get )(struct transient const *, int)
struct opd_event *(* find_counter_event )(unsigned long)

Detailed Description

OProfile Extended sub-handlers (sfile).

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by opd_ext_sfile_close().

Referenced by opd_ext_sfile_create().

int(* opd_ext_sfile_handlers::dup)(struct sfile *, struct sfile *)

Referenced by opd_ext_sfile_dup().

struct opd_event*(* opd_ext_sfile_handlers::find_counter_event)(unsigned long) [read]
odb_t*(* opd_ext_sfile_handlers::get)(struct transient const *, int)

Referenced by opd_ext_sfile_get().

Referenced by opd_ext_sfile_sync().

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