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#include <op_netburst.h>

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Public Attributes

unsigned long long val
struct {
   unsigned long   reserved1:12
   unsigned long   enable:1
   unsigned long   escr_select:3
   unsigned long   active_thread:2
   unsigned long   compare:1
   unsigned long   complement:1
   unsigned long   threshold:4
   unsigned long   edge:1
   unsigned long   force_ovf:1
   unsigned long   ovf_pmi_t0:1
   unsigned long   ovf_pmi_t1:1
   unsigned long   reserved2:2
   unsigned long   cascade:1
   unsigned long   overflow:1

Detailed Description


Bit-wise breakdown of the CCCR registers.

Bits Description ------- ----------- 63 - 32 Reserved 31 OVF - The data counter overflowed. 30 Cascade - Enable cascading of data counter when alternate counter overflows. 29 - 28 Reserved 27 OVF_PMI_T1 - Generate interrupt for LP1 on counter overflow 26 OVF_PMI_T0 - Generate interrupt for LP0 on counter overflow 25 FORCE_OVF - Force interrupt on every counter increment 24 Edge - Enable rising edge detection of the threshold comparison output for filtering event counts. 23 - 20 Threshold Value - Select the threshold value for comparing to incoming event counts. 19 Complement - Select how incoming event count is compared with the threshold value. 18 Compare - Enable filtering of event counts. 17 - 16 Active Thread - Only used with HT enabled. 00 - None: Count when neither LP is active. 01 - Single: Count when only one LP is active. 10 - Both: Count when both LPs are active. 11 - Any: Count when either LP is active. 15 - 13 ESCR Select - Select which ESCR to use for selecting the event to count. 12 Enable - Turns the data counter on or off. 11 - 0 Reserved

Member Data Documentation

unsigned long long netburst_cccr_value_t::val

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