xml_output.h File Reference

utility routines for writing XML More...

#include "op_xml_out.h"
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std::string tag_name (tag_t tag)
std::string open_element (tag_t tag, bool with_attrs=false)
std::string close_element (tag_t tag=NONE, bool has_nested=false)
std::string init_attr (tag_t attr, size_t value)
std::string init_attr (tag_t attr, double value)
std::string init_attr (tag_t attr, std::string const &str)

Detailed Description

utility routines for writing XML

Copyright 2006 OProfile authors
Read the file COPYING
Dave Nomura

Function Documentation

std::string close_element ( tag_t  tag = NONE,
bool  has_nested = false 
std::string init_attr ( tag_t  attr,
std::string const &  str 
std::string init_attr ( tag_t  attr,
double  value 

References init_xml_dbl_attr(), and MAX_XML_BUF.

std::string init_attr ( tag_t  attr,
size_t  value 
std::string open_element ( tag_t  tag,
bool  with_attrs = false 
std::string tag_name ( tag_t  tag  ) 

References xml_tag_name().

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